MARSS00008 – Shipboard Safety Skill Set (ESS)

The MARSS00008 Shipboard Safety Skill Set is a specialised training program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safety and respond effectively to emergencies on board vessels. This skill set is particularly relevant for those working in the maritime industry, including crew members, maritime officers, and personnel responsible for the safety of passengers and crew.

Course Description

This comprehensive course covers a range of critical shipboard safety elements, focusing on emergency preparedness, response procedures, and risk mitigation strategies. Participants will learn how to identify potential hazards, implement preventive measures, and effectively respond to emergencies to minimise risks and protect lives and property.

The curriculum encompasses key topics such as emergency drills and exercises, fire safety and prevention, evacuation procedures, first aid and medical response, personal safety equipment, and survival techniques. Students will also receive training in communication protocols, coordination with emergency services, and the importance of maintaining situational awareness during emergencies.

Practical training is a significant component of this skill set, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in realistic scenarios. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students will engage in hands-on activities such as fire extinguisher handling, life raft deployment, search and rescue simulations, and first aid demonstrations.

Upon successful completion of the MARSS00008 Shipboard Safety Skill Set, participants will possess the necessary competencies to contribute to the implementation and maintenance of shipboard safety practices. This skill set enhances employability in various maritime sectors, including commercial shipping, passenger transport, offshore operations, and maritime tourism.

Note: The MARSS00008 Shipboard Safety Skill Set may be part of a larger qualification or offered as a standalone training program. Please check with the specific training provider for exact details regarding unit codes, titles, and delivery modes.


2 Days

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2 Days

MARSS00008 - ESS


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