Recreational Marine Driver Licence (RMDL)

The Recreational Marine Driver’s Licence is a license that permits individuals to operate a recreational vessel, for non-commercial purposes. It is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions and is intended to ensure the safety of both the operator and other water users.

Course Description

This course provides face to face theory assessment, practical training and practical assessment to obtain the statement of competency needed as part of your application for a Queensland marine licence.

Online Theory

To complete this training students are required to complete the BoatSafe online training course. The online theory portion of the course must be done before any practical training and or assessment can take place.

Once the online portion is complete, students will be required to email the Certificate of Completion to our admin staff with their contact details so that we can be in touch to arrange the final assessment and practicals.

BoatSafe Online Theory Course Fees

The online course for ONLY boat or ONLY jetski licence is $15 each, whereas both courses together is $25.

Boat: $15
Jetski: $15
Boat AND Jetski: $25

BoatSafe Online Theory Course Link

Click the link to visit our BoatSafe online course which must be completed prior to starting your Recreational Marine Driver Licence training:

Practical Training and Assessment

Once the online portion is completed, we can perform the face to face theory assessment. This is a multiple choice assessment which is the same as the online assessment but in different orders and closed book.

Upon successful completion of the theory assessment, the practical training and assessment can take place, weather and assessor availability dependant.

The practical takes roughly 3-6 hours to complete depending on the number of students and whether or not they are doing 1 or 2 assessments each.

If successful, the participants will be given a hand written certificate (no statement of attainment) to take to the Department of Transport and Main Roads to apply for the class/es to be added to their driver licence, much the same as a truck or motorbike licence is added.

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3-6 Hrs

Recreational Marine Driver Licence (RMDL)


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